Managing Docker Volumes

Docker volumes are great for storing persistent data in one spot. Sometimes, though, you need to get a volume from one place to another — something that isn’t obvious how to do.

1 min read

critchat #1: “Speechless” Submissions

This is the first (multi-part) episode of critchat. In it, I read submissions to my first prompt, “Speechless”: Write a story with a conversation without using any dialogue.

2 min read

dockit: Seamlessly jump into a container

Docker containers are awesome little throwaway environments. Often I like to jump into a container to test something out, like installing a project from scratch, swapping runtimes without needing a version manager, or trying something new without gumming up my base system. It’s also useful for debugging problems in other Linux distributions or as a quick approximation of some remote machine.

2 min read

The Toaster Diaries #0: The Parts

I’ve recently come into the opinion that every hardware enthusiast should own at least two machines: one good one — and one really crap one.

5 min read

Taming Your Linux WorkSpace

So you’ve spun up a fresh Linux Workspace and discovered in short order that it is ugly as sin. Fret not, this is as configurable a Linux machine as any — but in different ways than you might be used to.

4 min read

A Hobbyist’s Guide to Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces are virtual desktops in the cloud. As designed, they’re an office sysadmin’s dream: a simple thin client, integration with Active Directory, and the ability to rebuild WorkSpaces from scratch with the click of a button. But how are they as a personal desktop? I decided to find out.

4 min read

Live Edit Pip Packages

Quick tip for those of you who have just discovered a pip package you’d like to fix or otherwise contribute to.

~1 min read

Passively Yours, Nginx

I’m starting on some new projects soon, projects I would very much like to be stateless and highly available. Partially because I like to think of myself as a grown-up developer now who wants to code things the way they ought to be; mostly because I’m a lazy sysadmin who would rather not have to scramble just because the cloud decided to rain that day.

3 min read